There's no sound when my SurroundBar®3000 is connected using the optical cable method.

Check to make sure the protective rubber caps found on the ends of the optical cable have been removed. If they haven't, the optical cable won't fit properly into either the SurroundBar 3000 or your cable set top box.

Also check the TV's set up menu to make sure the Digital Audio Format is set to PCM instead of Dolby Digital.

I only hear audio from my SurroundBar® 3000 when I am watching a non-HD or standard definition station.

Change the input connection method to the bar. The SurroundBar 3000 will need to be connected to your TV by using the Source 2 or 3 which is an analogue audio input.

Connect the left and right channel analogue audio output from your TV set into source 2 or 3 on the bar. This will require purchasing a separate audio cable from your dealer. The cable will need to be terminated with a 1/8 inch or 3.5 mm male headphone plug to two male RCA plugs.

Change the Digital Audio Format in your TV's set up menu from Dolby Digital to PCM.

I only hear audio from SurroundBar® 3000, but no bass from the subwoofer.

Check to make sure  the channel ID selector switch is set to the same channel on both the SurroundBar and subwoofer.

Also, make sure to turn up the subwoofer volume on the supplied Polk Audio remote.