On my F/X® Wireless surround system, why is the playing volume so high?

If you have connected the F/X Wireless transmitter using RCA type cables move the connection from the surround to the surround back channel inputs on the transmitter. Also, check the rear surround volume level setting within the receiver’s setup menu. If you have connected the F/X Wireless transmitter using a speaker wire method, then turn down the level for the rear surround channels in the receiver’s setup menu.

Why is my SurroundBar® 3000 playing volum high again every time I turn it on?
The system has reset to the factory default settings. In order to retain your setting the system must be connected to an AC outlet that is not on a switched circuit. This also includes power strips and line conditioners, the AC power should remain on when your system is not in use.

Why does my F/X® Wireless system turn off prematurely when I’m watching a movie?
When you are connecting the F/X Wireless transmitter using the speaker wire connection method make sure the rear surround levels are set 6dB higher than you have set the front and centre channel speakers. This would be done on your receiver's setup menu. If you have the F/X Wireless transmitter connected using the speaker wire method, then try using the RCA line level connection. Use RCA type cables to go from the surround connections, on the receiver, to the surround female RCA inputs on the F/X Wireless transmitter.

Why can't I get my F/X Wireless transmitter to sync to the speaker module?
There can be several potential causes. One could be that there is too much Radio Frequency (RF) interference. As a test, try moving the system into another room in your house to see if it now works properly. Another possibility is that another electronic device is causing problems. Move the F/X Wireless transmitter away from other electronics, such as the TV, cable set top box, DVD player or CD player. Even moving it further from your surround sound receiver could help. You can do what we call a hard reset by unplugging the power supply from the F/X wireless transmitter for about 30 seconds and then replug. You may also have to do this same procedure with the speaker module.