You can use headphones with your surround processor or receiver by purchasing an optional headphone amplifier. They are readily available and come in a range of prices from several suppliers. To use these devices it will require that you connect the headphone amplifier using the Left and Right analogue outputs to either the “Zone Out” or “Tape Out” connection on the receiver. 

Zone Output is recommended to allow you to use the internal Volume Control for that zone. If your Headphones or Headphone Preamp has a volume control the “Tape Out” jacks would work fine. 

Please note that for sources to be available for the headphones the sources must be connected with analogue audio connections. As an example: If you have a Cable or Satellite Box connected to the “Video 1” input using a Digital Coaxial or Optical cable you would also have to connect the Left and Right Analogue Outputs from the Cable or Satellite Box to the “Video 1” Left and Right analogue inputs for the source to be available to the headphones.