If you run into an issue where subtitles are not displayed or appear to be truncated with only a portion of the expected subtitle displayed on the screen, it may be due to the Subtitle Shift setting.

By default, this setting is set to 0, which will display subtitles normally. Positive values will shift the subtitles up, while negative values will shift the subtitles down towards the bottom of the screen, which may result in the subtitles being pushed off the screen entirely.

This setting can be adjusted within the Setup Menu.

1. Go to the Setup Menu and select Video Setup.

2. Select Display Options and choose Subtitle Shift.

3. Ensure that Subtitle Shift is set to 0.

4. Verify that subtitles are displayed properly.

The Subtitle Shift setting is useful to customers who use projection systems that take advantage of a 2.35:1 Constant Image Height system.