Please refer below to the answers depending on the model you own:

  • RSP-1098 HDMI, RSX-1057: As these models do not offer scaling or upconversion from analog video to the HDMI outputs, you can connect both HDMI and Component video monitor outputs to the TV.
  • RSP-1069, RSP-1570, RSP-1572, RSX-1058, RSX-1550, RSX-1560, RSX-1562: It is not recommended to connect component video and HDMI video outputs to a monitor simultaneously as the two video image signals may affect each other. These Rotel products will scale all analog video inputs to the HDMI output so both connections would not be necessary to view both HDMI and analog video sources.

Applicable Models:     RSP-1069 | RSP-1098 | RSP-1570 | RSP-1572 | RSX-1057 | RSX-1058 | RSX-1550 | RSX-1560 | RSX-1562