The RSP-1066, RSX-1055 and RSX-1065’s analog inputs are all pure analog inputs when used in 2 channel stereo mode. There is some digital processing to generate a subwoofer output in stereo, but this is not done to the original signal. The signal is split at the input and a copy of the signal is sent to through processing and the digital crossover of the unit to generate the subwoofer output for stereo. The only signal processing the original signal sees before the output is tone control and volume. The other analog input on the these models is the 7 channel Multi Input. This is a pure analog bypass of the DSP circuitry, with no processing only an analog 100Hz filter which redirects some bass information below 100Hz to the subwoofer output while still allowing the speaker outputs to pass a full range signal. This allows there to be a subwoofer output even for source material that does not contain a dedicated LFE channel.

Applicable Models:     RSP-1066 | RSX-1055 | RSX-1065