From our experiences, resultant surface noise after using Spin-Clean could be due to any number of the following reasons:

- Not using distilled water. Please make sure you're using distilled water, as tap water or spring water may leave mineral deposits or other impurities behind in the record grooves.

- Not thoroughly drying the records. No matter if you use the included Spin-Clean® Drying Cloths or microfibre towels, make certain that the records are completely dry prior to playing.

- Too much washer fluid was used. By using only the recommended amount of fluid (3 capfuls from the 114 ml (4 ounce) bottle, and 1 capful from the 228 ml (8 ounce), 455 ml (16 ounce), and 909 ml (32 ounce) bottles, you will ensure that, after drying, any water and fluid will have been easily wiped away.

- The brushes have become contaminated (perhaps from a previous cleaning session whereby a substance on a dirty record collected onto the brushes). Under warm water and with a soft toothbrush, gently but thoroughly scrub the brushes, so as to give them a new cleansing. 

- Your stylus is damaged or needs replacing. Be certain that your turntable is employing a stylus that is in good working order. A damaged or worn stylus can result in not only unwanted record noise, but also permanent and irreversible damage to your vinyl collection.