18V DC Power supply

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The majority of Pro-Ject phono stages and hi-fi electronics need an 18V DC power supply, including:

  • DAC Box DS (Up to S/N D9268)
  • Dock Box S Fi
  • Head Box S
  • Head Box S USB
  • Head Box DS
  • Phono Box
  • Phono Box MM (From S/N 3772 onwards — older DC versions not supported)
  • Phono Box S
  • Phono Box USB V
  • Phono Box DS
  • Phono Box DS+
  • Pre Box S
  • Pre Box DS
  • Pre Box RS (Up to S/N D16272)
  • Speed Box S
  • CD Box DS
  • DAC Box DS (From S/N D9269 onwards)
  • Speed Box DS
  • Stream Box DS+
  • Tube Box S
  • Tube Box DS


Other DC power supplies

These power supplies may be custom-ordered, or generic versions can be sourced from suppliers like Jaycar Electronics or Radio Parts.

5V / 1A DC Power Supply 
Micro USB

  • A/D Phono Box S2
  • Bluetooth Box S2
  • DAC Box S2+
  • Head Box S2 USB
  • Pre Box S2 Digital
  • Stream Box S2
  • Tuner Box S2

20V / 3A DC Power Supply
Coaxial Low-Voltage Plug

  • Amp Box S
  • Amp Box S Mono (Up to S/N C32405)
  • Receiver Box S
  • Stereo Box S
  • Stereo Box S Phono
  • MaiA Integrated Amplifier

2 x 48V / 2.25A DC Power Supply

  • Amp Box DS Mono
  • Amp Box DS
  • Amp Box RS Mono
  • Amp Box RS
  • Stereo Box RS

24V / 5A DC Power Supply

  • Amp Box S Mono (From S/N C32406 onwards)
  • Stereo Box DS
  • Stream Box DSA

20V / 3A DC Power Supply 
3-Pin Mini XLR Plug

  • CD Box RS
  • DAC Box RS
  • Head Box RS
  • Pre Box RS (From S/N D16273 onwards)
  • Pre Box RS Digital
  • Stream Box RS

9V DC Power Supply

  • Bluetooth Box
  • Bluetooth Box S
  • DAC Box S FL
  • DAC Box S USB
  • Tuner Box S
  • CD Box S
  • MaiA CD
  • Dock Box S Digital
  • Media Box S
  • Remote Box S
  • Stream Box DS
  • Stream Box DS Net


AC Power Supply Models (Older)

Available for order here
Older Box Design models (mostly up until 2012) were supplied with AC power supplies. 

16V / 500mA AC Power Supply

  • Head Box II
  • Head Box SE II
  • Speed Box II
  • Dock Box Fi / Vi
  • The Phono Box (Original)
  • Phono Box II
  • Phono Box USB
  • Switch Box S

16V / 1000mA AC Power Supply

  • Phono Box SE II
  • Tube Box II
  • Tube Box SE II
  • Speed Box SE II