This guide is for an Essential Phono model turntable. Other models might look slightly different, but most Pro-Ject boxes are laid out in a similar way.

Carefully cut the paper tape with a short, sharp knife.

Sitting on top, you'll see a plastic envelope containing most of the turntable accessories like the drive belt, anti-skating weight and the instruction manual. Some models also include a felt mat, as shown here. All that's sitting on top of the perspex dust cover.

Remove the dust cover (along with the accessories) by holding the cardboard on either side and lifting it up. Underneath, you'll see the turntable sitting in packing foam. In the case of the Essential models, the turntable is secured by a cardboard strip — to remove that, simply peel the tape off the inside of the box and lift out. 

Lift the turntable out, and you'll see the foam packing below. In amongst the foam, you'll find some critical components. The counterweight (shown here on the left) attaches to the tonearm and is an important part of your turntable, while the power supply is in the white box, the value of which is pretty self-explanatory. 

NOTE: some models, including Elemental and 2Xperience turntables, can have key parts stored in the underside of the foam. This is to prevent heavy parts moving in transit, but ensure you check under the foam so you don't accidentally throw out important bits.

Here's a quick overview of some of the key accessories that come in your Pro-Ject box.

If you need to replace any accessories or parts, you can order more at