Rotel has been designing, manufacturing, and refining class AB amplifiers for over four decades now. These designs have proven to be extremely reliable and have won many significant awards for their sonic excellence. Part of our reputation is due to the extraordinary amount of attention we devote to the power supply, especially the single most expensive component, the transformer. In order to ensure that this critical element meets or exceeds all of our specifications, we custom build and test all power transformers in-house. For some audio enthusiasts, class AB power amplifiers remain the preferred choice because of their proven performance over several decades.

Many of today's home theater and multi-room audio applications however, require components that not only perform to the highest sonic expectations, but also fit into smaller enclosed spaces such as custom cabinetry or equipment racks built into walls and closets. Electronic components in these close quarters generate a large amount of potentially harmful heat, most of which is generated by traditional analog amplifiers. In this situation, class D amplifiers make the most sense. Whether or not you choose traditional class AB or the newer class D amplifiers, you can be assured that all Rotel amplifiers will provide you with great sound and reliability for all your audio video needs.

Applicable Models:     RA-02 | RA-10 | RA-11 | RA-12 | RA-1060 | RA-1062 | RA-1070 | RA-1520 | RA-1570 | RA-1592 | RB-1050 | RB-1070 | RB-1072 | RB-1080 | RB-1090 | RB-1091 | RB-1092 | RB-1510 | RB-1552 | RB-1552 MkII | RB-1562 | RB-1572 | RB-1582 | RB-1582 MkII | RB-1590 | RCX-1500 | RKB-250 | RKB-2100 | RKB-650 | RKB-850 | RKB-8100 | RKB-D850 | RKB-D8100 | RMB-1048 | RMB-1066 | RMB-1075 | RMB-1076 | RMB-1077 | RMB-1085 | RMB-1095 | RMB-1506 | RMB-1512 | RMB-1555 | RMB-1565 | RMB-1575 | RMB-1585 | RSX-1055 | RSX-1056 | RSX-1057 | RSX-1058 | RSX-1065 | RSX-1067 | RSX-1550 | RSX-1560 | RSX-1562 | RX-1050 | RX-1052