In order to compare power (in watts) between surround receivers we have to assume that everyone is measuring the power of their amplifier section the same way - which they currently are not. As of the writing of this FAQ, the FTC has not mandated a standard power rating for multichannel receivers and amplifiers, like they did with stereo receivers and amplifiers years ago. The old standard was that a manufacturer must publish its power rating with all channels driven, from 20Hz to 20kHz, into a standard load (8 ohms usually.) This is not happening today, and what we at Rotel would specify as 75 watts per channel, another manufacturer might specify as 120 watts. It depends on how it is measured. Many companies today are rating the power amplifier output by driving only one channel, and often into a lower impedance to show a higher rating. Is this fair? No, but it is being done all the time.

Applicable Models:     RSX-1055 | RSX-1056 | RSX-1057 | RSX-1058 | RSX-1065 | RSX-1067 | RSX-1550 | RSX-1560 | RSX-1562