Rotel models with a front USB input will support Bluetooth streaming when the supplied Bluetooth dongle is connected. Models with built-in aptX Bluetooth streaming can skip step 1 as the Bluetooth module is already active.

  1. Insert the supplied Bluetooth Dongle into the front USB of the Rotel and make sure the front USB input is selected.
  2. From your mobile device, look for “Rotel Bluetooth” and connect to it.
  3. Connection is normally automatic, but if prompted for a password, please press “0000” then enter on your device.

NOTE: Not all Bluetooth dongles will operate with the Rotel device. Please use the one supplied. If you do not have the dongle, please contact your local Rotel dealer for assistance obtaining one.

Applicable Models: A11 | A12 | A14 | RA-11 | RA-12 | RA-1570 | RA-1572 | RA-1592 | RAP-1580 | RC-1570 | RC-1572 | RC-1590 | RCX-1500 | RDD-1580 | RDG-1520 | RSP-1572 | RSP-1576 | RSP-1582 | RSX-1562 | RT-09