Yes - if your Rotel product has a back panel input labeled "PC-USB", you can simply connect your computer to this USB input using a standard USB cable. The computer should then recognize the Rotel system as an audio device and you can then play music from your computer through your Rotel system. Do note that you may need to select the speaker as the primary output device for the computer.

  • For windows users this can be done by Navigating to Start -> Control Panel -> Sound and Audio devices -> Playback.
  • Mac OS X users should navigate to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output.

If you have a Rotel product that does not have a PC-USB input, if your computer has analog or digital audio outputs you could connect your computer to a Rotel receiver or surround processor using one of the analog or digital inputs as you would connect any other source component such as a DVD player or CD player.

Or, for even better sound quality, add a USB DAC to your system such as the RDD-1580. The RDD-1580 features a rear panel PC-USB connection that can be used to connect your computer to the system for high quality audio playback. The DAC would then connect to your Rotel system using the analog output of the DAC into an analog input in the system.

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