Applies to: VT-E, Essential III BT, Bluetooth Box E

To listen to your records through a Bluetooth speaker, you'll need to pair the speaker to the turntable first. 

Before plugging in your turntable, make sure your Bluetooth speaker (or other Bluetooth device) is in pairing mode, and place it as close to the turntable as possible. Your turntable will look for the strongest Bluetooth connection to pair with as soon as the turntable is plugged in, and having the speaker nearby will help the turntable find it. On an Essential III BT, make sure the switch on the right-hand side of the turntable is ON (see picture below) – this switch controls your Bluetooth connection, so you'll need it on to pair. If you've already plugged in a VT-E or Bluetooth Box E, disconnect it from power for 10 seconds before reconnecting it and starting the pairing process.

Once the Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode, plug in your turntable and it will automatically begin looking for a Bluetooth signal. Your speaker should make a sound or light up to indicate that the connection has been made, then you can lower the tonearm as usual to start the music flowing through your speaker.

Once your turntable is paired to the speaker, it will remember that connection, and automatically pair to it when that device is turned on and in range.


I can't get it to pair to my Bluetooth speaker

Make sure the speaker or receiver is in pairing mode when the turntable is plugged in. Check the speaker guide for advice on how to do this, and try plugging in the turntable again.

My speaker is in pairing mode, but the turntable isn't pairing with it

This typically means that there is another Bluetooth speaker or receiver nearby that's sending out a stronger signal than your speaker, and the turntable is connecting to that instead. Make sure any other Bluetooth-enabled devices in your house are switched off, then disconnect your turntable for 10 seconds and try the pairing process again.