If you encounter an issue where there is no video output from the UDP-203, there are a number of things you can look into:

  • Ensure You Are Using HDMI OUT (Main) for Video
    • The UDP-203 has two HDMI outputs: HDMI OUT (Main) which carries audio and video, and HDMI OUT (Audio Only), which only carries an audio signal. In order to output video from the UDP-203, you must use the HDMI OUT (Main) output. 
    • If you are coming from an older player such as the BDP-103, please take note that the location of the HDMI outputs and input have changed between the players.
  • Ensure You Are Using a High-Speed HDMI Cable
    • In order to properly play 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, it is recommended to use an 18 Gbps Premium High-Speed HDMI cable, such as the one that we have included with the UDP-203.
    • If you place the UDP-203 into an existing system that utilises older HDMI cables that do not meet these specifications, you may encounter a variety of issues.
  • Ensure Your AV Receiver or Processor Supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2
    • If you are connecting the UDP-203's HDMI OUT (Main) output into an AV receiver or processor and are unable to get video output to your display device, ensure that the AV receiver or processor you are connected to supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.
    • If you have an older AV receiver or processor that does not meet these specifications, you will need to use an alternative connection method whereby you connect HDMI OUT (Main) directly into an HDMI input on your display device and HDMI OUT (Audio Only) into your AV receiver or processor.

After experimenting with the Colour Space and Colour Depth settings, there is no video output:

  • If you no longer have video output after making adjustments to the HDR, Colour Space, or Colour Depth settings, press and hold the Resolution button at the bottom left corner of the OPPO remote control until the front panel of the UDP-203 displays AUTO.
    • Once you have video output again, go to the Setup Menu / Video Output Setup and return the HDR, Colour Space, and Colour Depth settings to Auto.
    • In this case, the loss of video output likely occurred because the HDR, Colour Space, or Colour Depth settings you chose were incompatible with your display device.
    • If setting the Output Resolution back to Auto does not result in video output, insert a standard DVD or Blu-ray disc into the player, and press the Resolution button on the OPPO remote control until the front panel displays DIRECT, indicating that the player's Output Resolution has been set to Source Direct. This should output a compatible video signal to your display device that will allow you to go into the player's Setup Menu to make any necessary changes.