All Rotel CD players make a certain amount of noise, especially when starting up or loading a disc, simply because there are moving parts required to load and play optical discs.

Tray-loader CD players like the CD11 or RCD-1572 will make a small amount of mechanical noise (including a soft 'clunk' as the tray returns to its home position) when the tray opens and closes, while slot-loader players like the RCD-1570 will make a whirring sound as the mechanism draws the CD in. Both tray- and slot-loader players will then make a whirring noise as the CD spins up and is read by the player. All players will then produce a soft whirring sound as the disc is played, but this should not be audible more than a few centimetres away from the player.

If you experience any noises outside of these, or if noise carries through to your speakers, we recommend trying the CD player in a different location, disconnected from your system. If the noise persists, please contact us for warranty repairs, or contact a local service agent for non-warranty repairs.