Keeping your turntable dust-free isn't just a good style choice — keeping it neat will help it last longer, keep your records healthier, and keep your stylus in tip-top condition. If you need to replace your turntable's lid, or get a new one, we can help.

Cover It Standard (order it here)

Suitable for all Debut, Essential and Xpression turntables

Cover It Standard 2 (order it here)

Suitable for 2Xperience, The Classic, and Xtension 9 turntables

Cover It 1

Suitable for Signature 10, RPM 10 Carbon

Cover It 2.1

Suitable for RPM 9 Carbon

Cover It RPM 1/3 Carbon

Suitable for RPM 1 Carbon and RPM 3 Carbon

Cover It RPM 5/9 Carbon

Suitable for RPM 5 Carbon and RPM 9 Carbon

Cover It E

Suitable for Elemental turntables