On occasion, you may find that your OPPO gives you an "Unknown disc" error message, or just won't spin up a particular type of disc (e.g. it might play DVDs fine, but Blu-rays won't spin up).

The first thing to check is that your OPPO has the current firmware version installed. If your Blu-ray player is connected to the internet, you can check by opening the SETUP menu, and under DEVICE SETUP, select FIRMWARE UPGRADE. The OPPO will then check for newer firmware, and ask to download it if one is available. 

If your player is not connected to the internet, you can find the latest firmware versions for OPPO Blu-ray players here, along with instructions to install it.

If the problem persists with the current firmware installed, that points to a fault with the optical mechanism. The good news is that this issue is a simple one for our technician to fix*, so get in touch with us here to arrange a repair.

*while parts are available