It’s always best to contact our Sound Experts at Customer Service to discuss your needs and requirements, so that we can recommend the best subwoofer for your particular system and application. Helpful information to have ready includes:

  • The primary usage for the system (music, movies, gaming, HDTV, etc.)
  • A description of your system, particularly the loudspeakers and A/V receiver or surround sound processor.
  • Room size (including other contiguous/adjacent open spaces).
  • Distance from the subwoofer to the listening position.
  • The typical/desired playback level (low, moderate, loud). If the system will primarily be used for movies, the overall playback level and the desired level of slam/impact/pressure on bassy action scenes is particularly important.
  • Any restrictions on overall size, weight, height, footprint.
  • Décor, aesthetic or visual impact considerations (e.g., a mixed use living/family room might require less visual impact from the subwoofer than a dedicated home theater).