My HA-2/SE won't charge my phone

To begin charging your phone from the HA-2/SE, hold down the battery check button until the indicator light on the side turns blue. Your phone must be connected to your HA-2/SE via USB.

Please note: iOS 12 users may have issues with charging their device. This is due to security settings on the phone, which can be changed in the phone's Settings menu.

My battery isn't charging/won't hold charge

Leave the HA-2SE on until it switches off, then leave it on charge overnight. Ensure that the battery indicator on the side of the device is showing full (four green dots) when disconnected. Always use the USB charger and cable that came with the unit for best charging results.

Sound is crackling

Check that your cables, especially the headphone cable, are properly inserted. Try with alternative cables or other headphones.

My phone isn't recognising the USB connection

Ensure that the USB cable is correctly inserted, and that the port is free of dust and dirt. Try with an alternative cable.

If you continue to experience issues with charging the HA-2/SE battery or problems with connections, please contact us to organise for our repairer to inspect the unit.