NOTE: Only authentic Ortofon replacement stylii are recommended. After-market replacements can get stuck onto the cartridge body or fit with poor alignment.

Here is the list of interchangeably compatible models of stylus and cartridge...

OM series

  • 5S
  • 3E
  • 5E
  • 10
  • 20 (Super OM cartridge body recommended)
  • 30 (Super OM cartridge body recommended)
  • 40 (Super OM cartridge body recommended)

2M series

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Bronze (2M Bronze or 2M Black cartridge body recommended)
  • Black (2M Bronze or 2M Black cartridge body recommended)

Important point: 2M Red and 2M Blue cartridges are electronically identical. 2M Bronze and 2M Black cartridges are also electronically identical. This means that if you put a 2M Black stylus on a 2M Bronze body, you have a 2M Black exactly.

How to replace a stylus:

Firstly lock the turntable tone arm, unscrew the cartridge, gently remove the stylus from the cartridge body and insert a new stylus. A stylus is changed usually by pulling straight out and in the opposite direction of the turntable's arm. If the stylus doesn't come with direction, try these: with one hand, hold the cartridge to steady it. With the other hand grasp the stylus from both sides and pull. Install the new stylus. Holding the stylus from the top, press it gently into the space at the tip of the cartridge where the old stylus had been. Don't force it.

Purchase replacement 2M Red and OM 10 stylii here.