If you own a product that is still under warranty and in need of repair, you can contact us to have it serviced. This includes brands we no longer carry. 

Please refer to our Warranty Terms and Conditions for specific details about our warranties and your rights.

DEVIALET Phantom (White; Silver; Gold) 2 years
OPPO Blu-ray players: BDP93 & BDP95 1 year
  Blu-ray players: BDP103 & BDP105 2 years
  Personal Audio: Headphones  
PMC Passive Speakers Please contact Interdyn
  Powered Speakers; Powered Subwoofers Please contact Interdyn
  Electronics Please contact Interdyn

POLK AUDIO Passive Speakers 5 years
  Powered Speakers; Powered Subwoofers 1 year
  Outdoor Speakers 2 years
  Electronics (for example, but not limited to, SurroundBar & F/X Wireless Surround electronics) 1 year

PRO-JECT AUDIO SYSTEMS Passive Speakers 5 years
  Turntables 2 years
  Amplifiers; Receivers; CD players; Dock Tuners; DACs; Headphone Amps; Phono Pre-amplifiers; Switching units 2 years
  Vacuum tubes/valves used within components 90 days


Amplifiers; CD players; Receivers; Processors; Tuners; DACs
3 years
SIM2  Projectors Please contact Interdyn
SPIN CLEAN Record cleaning systems 1 year
TIVOLI Table top systems; Radios; Dab+ 1 year