Simply put, 100% dry. Leaving residual water in the record grooves, while not harmful to your vinyl records, will result in audible surface noise. Remember, if the drying cloths you’re using are wet or damp, your records will take longer to dry.

Some users find it helpful to first air-dry their records in a dish rack. 

Others like to use microfibre towels in place of – or in addition to – the Spin-Clean® drying cloths. Depending on the brand of microfibre towel, it can potentially hold up to eight times its weight in water and can be very effective in drying records. Please bear in mind, however, that microfibre towels, because of their unique properties, also have the ability to pick up grit or other abrasive particles. So just make certain any microfibre towels you might use are also pre-washed prior to and after Spin-Clean® washes.