Getting tracking force just right is a big part of how your turntable sounds.

Each cartridge is made with a recommended tracking force to suit the "springiness" of the needle and how it responds to music.

On Pro-Ject turntables, the counterweight scale is in units of "mN" or millinewtons (equivalent to 1/10th of a gram), so when the scale says "18" your tracking force is 1.8g.

When you balance your tonearm, you can aim for the following tracking forces for each model of Pro-Ject turntable:


OM series - 1.75g

Essential series

OM 5E - 1.75g

OM 10 - 1.5g

Debut series

OM 10 - 1.5g

2M Red - 1.8g

1Xpression series and above

2M Red or 2M Blue - 1.8g

2M Bronze or 2M Black - 1.5g

Quintet Red - 2.3g

For any other cartridge type, there's almost always a recommended spec from the manufacturer.